This is just a little page for anything I may want to share in the future.  In time I’ll probably make this an actual forum, but for now, please leave comments.  They are appreciated and I am interested in hearing as many unique perspectives as I can.  I look forward to having conversations with many of you.

Thanks for visiting Dawn of Giants,  -Eric P.


One thing I wanted to mention; if you’re watching the videos directly on Dawn of Giants or on YouTube and you haven’t discovered the speed setting on the video player, I highly recommend getting used to using it.  Personally, I can’t stand listening to anything (except for music) at 1x.  You can increase the play speed via that little gear icon on the bottom right corner of the video display window.  It’s a little weird watching things at double speed at first, but trust me, when you get used to it, you’ll hardly even notice anymore.  Plus, you’ll be cutting your learning time in half.

There you have it; Accelerated Learning 101 by Eric P.  Hey, maybe I’ll add a page all about cutting edge learning strategies.  After all, we’re coming up on a time when we’re going to have to be able to learn faster than ever before and it’s an area of subjects I’ve recently been brushing up on…  Hm…

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