A little about myself…

I grew up in central California, just outside of Sacramento.  My first passion was music.  I began playing piano when I was pretty young, but I didn’t really get hooked until I picked up my first guitar at age 10.  I still play and maybe one of these days I’ll set up a music website and add a link here (Hey, another reason for you to check back regularly!).

I have a lot of hobbies that I dabble in.  I’m pretty good with Photoshop and I do a decent amount of graphic art; mostly graphics for projects my friends are working on (video game backgrounds and textures, mostly) or for my own little side projects (album graphics, book covers, website graphics/logos, etc.).

A little more related to Dawn of Giants…

I like writing.  Well, I like writing a little.  I’ve played around a bit with writing sci-fi short stories (and a full fantasy novel a long time ago), but I’ve found that my writing tends to be a bit rushed when I do big writing projects.  I have so many ideas and I want to just get them out.  I think the blogging format gives me the ability to interject a bit of my own perspective, but really I just want to ask people questions and inspire a little bit of thought.  And what better philosophical format than one following transhumanism and the singularity?

In college, I majored in computer science and minored in information technology.  I am fascinated by computer programming methodology and hardware architecture alike and I am always looking for cutting edge tech and amazing software.

Now a little on the topic of the singularity…

I have been following the this little (well, not so little now…) group of people who call themselves singularitarians.  The singularitarian believes that we will gradually start using science and technology to enhance our physical bodies leading to all sorts of complicated intellectual and ethical concepts to overcome.  For instance, imagine that there was a computer powerful enough to simulate a human brain (as a reference I highly recommend watching Transcendence with Johnny Depp; typical Hollywood ending, but overall thought inspiring movie).  Ok, so now we have a computer brain that is equally intelligent to a human brain.  The idea that we could simulate a brain itself seems to be steadfastly in the realm of science fiction, however there are a lot of very smart people are estimating that this could happen as soon as the 2020’s, perhaps only a decade from now!

What does it mean, though?  What is the big deal?

To answer that, let’s ask what’s going to happen when we turn this equivalent level mentality on? Imagine a clone of yourself.  In all most other respects, you and your clone are the same, but with one drastic difference; your clone can think much faster than you.  How much faster? Potentially billions (yes, that’s billions with a b!) of times faster.  For a brief period you might observe as your clone evolves from a replica of you into something so far advanced past anything you know that you wouldn’t even have a concept of the reality in which your clone would reside.  Thus the term “singularity”.

Ideas like this may very well be something we will have to come to terms with within our lifetimes and that is why I began Dawn of Giants.  My aim is not only to bring you the latest news and technology, but to build a space to contemplate how these technologies will change our lives and what we can do to rise to the challenges we will undoubtedly face along the way.  I hope you’ll join me on a regular basis and help illuminate the path into the future.

Thank you so much for your interest,

Eric P.

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