Quantum Computing History and Development

This video not only includes a brief history of quantum computing, but also takes a look at the rise of understanding in physics which make quantum computers possible.  The video touches on everything from string theory to Moore’s law and the physical limits of the transistors.  I’ve noticed that descriptions of the operation of quantum computers range all the way from mundane to almost esoteric explanations.  I find the subject of quantum computing highly fascinating and we will continue to refine our understanding of how they work here at Dawn of Giants.  Keep following and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to learn more about this incredible subject.

Runtime: 14:24

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Video Info:

Published on Nov 3, 2017

A short documentary covering the past, present & future of Quantum Computers. Quantum Computing will one day create the possibilities we all fantasise about in science fiction movies, and will push human evolution to the next level.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This video is for ‘non-profit’ educational purposes covered by the ‘fair use’ policy under ‘Section 107’ of the U.S. Copyright Act. For any content/collaboration related queries please contact us via private message.

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