Transhumans: Technology Powered Superhumans (Slideshow)

I found this presentation (Transhumans: Technology Powered Superhumans) on SlideShare.  Some of the pictures are a bit cheesy, but these 46 slides touch base on almost every category of transhumanism you can imagine.

Transhumans: Technology Powered Superhumans

Published on Nov 18, 2013

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”//” title=”Transhumans: Technology Powered Superhumans” target=”_blank”>Transhumans: Technology Powered Superhumans</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”//” target=”_blank”>Institute of Customer Experience</a></strong> </div>

Transhumanism is the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations by means of science and technology. The more we explored this subject, the more we got fascinated to see how people are riding on the current era technologies to surpass the capabilities of human body. If the current explorations in transhumanism are anything to go by, then, we believe the future will be very exciting!

In this report we explore the various technologies, people involved and the advancements made in the field of Transhumanism. We would love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions. Please mail us at

Published in: Design, Technology, Spiritual


The original presentation can be found at

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