Eye Play the Piano with FOVE

This is a video of a physically disabled boy playing the piano with his vision via an ‘eye tracking head mount display’ developed by FOVE.  The title of the video is Eye Play the Piano.  Pretty amazing!

Runtime: 3:26

Video Info:

Eye Play the Piano is a universal piano system that allows one to play the piano without the use of the hands or arms but simply through the use of sight using the eye tracking head mount device, FOVE.

The Eye Play the Piano project started from the willingness to spread the possibility of each and every student child’s freedom of expression along side the medical possibilities, which could be applied in the field of special needs education through the use of the eye tracking head mount device. The project was made possible in accordance with the University of Tsukuba’s Special Needs Education School for the Physically Challenged.

This video captures a second year high school student, Kota Numajiri taking part at their Christmas concert by playing the piano using the Eye Play the Piano system.

About the system:
1. FOVE perceives the users eye movement through the mounted eye tracking technology
2. The preferred note can be triggered by looking at the panel within the interface, which has been developed to be played by sight.
3. The user blinks on the preferred panels within the interface to trigger the selected note, which is then conveyed to the connected piano via MIDI signal.
. Furthermore, tilting down of the head plays the role of the piano pedal which lengthens the selected note.

Eye Play the Piano website
Eye Play the Piano Making movie
For donation

This video can also be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHXx7XTPULE#t=14

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