Check out the Voxel8: The World’s First 3D Electronics Printer

I originally found this on the Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence website.  It’s just a short video demonstrating a 3d printer* that can print circuitry.  Btw, I don’t know if you’re following 3d printing technology, but if you’re not, you are doing yourself a terrible disservice. And they’re not all $3K+ units anymore, just look at what’s already on the market: If there was only one that has already begun and that guarantees to change the world, it’s 3d printing, with not a doubt.

Ok, enough of my ranting!  

*Voxel8: The World’s First 3D Electronics Printer


Btw, I’ll be posting a lot more on this topic on Dawn of Giants so check back often…

Thanks!  -Eric P.

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